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26  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: Catalog thumbnail weirdness on: 2009 March 10, 11:03:39
I have made objects before that showed up tiny on the thumbnail in-game, like the preview pic had been taken from two streets away even though the camera in Blender was close to the object. 
Check out this tutorial by aikea-guinea.
27  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Any opinions about my plans for game renovation? on: 2009 March 10, 10:16:31
I think that Darcy is saying that because of what Eaxis did, this is a side effect of what his more deco slots do as well.
Yes, what you said. The same thing happens to all slot objects, not just dressers.
28  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: But I don't HAVE Double Deluxe! WTF? on: 2009 March 10, 10:11:28
Funny that I actually HAVE Double Deluxe, but I don't get DD logo on Downtown screen. It still displays NL logo.
I also have all EPs and SPs, but I don't have Store Edition installed.
29  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Any opinions about my plans for game renovation? on: 2009 March 09, 09:24:51
Lord Darcy's More Deco Slots

-I had tried this once, but for some reason any wall hangings would jump to the slots, making it impossible to properly hang a wall hanging after placement of a deco slot effected object. Has this been fixed since?
Actually, this is a normal EAxian behaviour which came with AL's dresser update, not something caused by my mod. Try in a hack-free game (that is, if you have either AL or M&G) with a newly bought EAxis dresser and you'll get the same result.

In pre-AL EPs, the height type (I7) of dresser slots was 11 (decorative), which was why they couldn't accept a lot of EAxian/custom objects that were not prepared for decorative slots. The only exceptions are 5 IKEA dressers. My pre-AL version of More Deco slot mod changed the height type from 11 to 8 (end table), so that they can accept everything which can also be placed on end tables.

In AL, EAxis changed the height type of dresser from 11 to 13 (shelf). The advantage of shelf slots is that you can put even more objects which you cannot place on regular surfaces, like teddy bears. But it comes at the cost of annoying behaviour regarding wall decorations that you've described. It only happens when moveobjects cheat is on. It seems that moveobjects cheat bypasses "Prevent Placement" BHAV.

The workaround is either turn moveobjects cheat off or move the slot object out of the way as Pescado suggested.
30  Darcyland / Lord Darcy Investigates / Re: OMSPs for Usable Kitchen Counter & Real End Table (Updated 2008/10/08) on: 2009 March 04, 12:15:45
Sorry to post as there has been no activity in this thread for almost five months, but I thought it was the most appropriate place.
It is OK to post relevant questions in hack/download threads. No Necromancy rule is mainly for social threads.

Yet when I place the counter OMSP (with move objects on), any appliances I try to put on the combined counter/OMSP still line up along the cardinal directions (no angle option seems possible). This occurs even when I manually angle the OMSP under the counter.
That's because custom counter slot was filled first, instead of counter OMSP slot.

This is how I put counter OMSP in the corner.
  • Move custom corner counter away by several tiles to prevent other counter pieces from snapping and shapeshifting.
  • Put counter OMSP in the corner.
  • Place an object on OMSP, and apply invisible recolor.
  • Carefully move the custom counter back to its original place.

As my counter OMSP is actually a functional kitchen counter with an altered mesh, it can be very finicky when placed around the corner. That's why I recommend JohnBrehaut1's version for decorative objects.
31  Darcyland / Lord Darcy Investigates / Re: Targa's SupaFridge - Updated to FreeTime (Updated 2008-12-17) Animation fixed on: 2009 March 02, 16:27:29
They will, however, walk those three miles in the snow just to use the fridge as a countertop.
You can always put something on the countertop to prevent Sims from using it, like Smartmilk.
32  Darcyland / Lord Darcy Investigates / Re: Unlocked FreeTime Career Outfits - for FreeTime Patch (Updated 2008/09/04) on: 2009 February 28, 15:48:21
Yes, both mine and Phaenoh's override the same Property Sets for various FT career outfits.

Quote from: Phaenoh
Hides all the ballerina unitards and tutus, sporty and exercise-y clothes, and the soccer outfits in Everyday and Athletic.
33  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Sims 2 and Windows 7 on: 2009 February 28, 12:49:20
I'll look out for something along the lines of this when the time comes where I need to buy a new computer. But... is assembling the parts yourself terribly hard?
As I understand, quite a few of the MATYans have built their own boxes. Is it difficult? Can it be done if one has a tech-savvy family member to guide and help?
I wouldn't say it's terribly hard. PC parts are so standardized that you can do most of steps with a single driver. There are many tutorials which will give you a general idea on the standardized process. I've done it the first time all by myself, with a tutorial print-out and parts manuals. But it's much better to have someone experienced around, especially for installing CPUs. Failure to apply heatsink or to secure fans properly can fry your CPU to death.
34  Serious Business / Spore Discussions / Re: Attempting to start game causes computer to restart - please help on: 2009 February 28, 11:13:55
Resolving Windows STOP errors is tricky. Anything can trigger STOP error - faulty hardware, virus, incompatible driver - in my case the culprit was a piece of bad RAM. You may have to go through a long elimination process before you find the root cause.

tcpip.sys suggests that there is something wrong with your network connection. SimsSpore executable tries to establish connection when you start the game.
Did you run the game when connected to internet? If so, disconnect before you start the game.

If I were you, I'd start looking for the culprit first from network connection, like routers or LAN card.

Quick Google search with your STOP error led me to this MS article. May or may not relevant to your problem.

Edited for the stupid habit. Spore, not Sims.
35  Serious Business / Spore Discussions / Re: Attempting to start game causes computer to restart - please help on: 2009 February 28, 08:38:59
Installation seems to go okay but attempting to start the game just causes the computer to restart.
What's your OS? If you're on Windows XP, check if "automatic reboot" is disabled.

Control Panel - System - Advanced tab - Start & Recovery - Settings - Untick "automatic reboot" checkbox
(The wording may be slightly different, I use non-English version of Windows.)
36  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Sims 2 and Windows 7 on: 2009 February 28, 08:04:03
I've never really used 98.  I know people who've used 98 SE and said good things about it.  Guess I should've clarified. 
Every single Windows 9x version suffers from BSOD, and 98 was no exception. 98 SE was the best of the bunch only in a comparative sense.

I wasn't even aware it was possible to buy a computer without a pre-installed OS.
In Korea, there are lots of "computer assembly shops", where you can select parts and pay a small optional fee to have your purchased parts assembled. You can also avoid being foisted with sub-standard parts, provided you do a little research beforehand.
Those "assembled computers" are cheaper than name brand computers like Samsung or LG, because OS price is not included. They arrive in a blank state without any OS or spyware installed. It's a nice alternative for people who don't want to pay extra for the redundant OS but are unable to assemble parts themselves.
37  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: How to get rid of SecuRom, NOW on: 2009 February 16, 10:09:29
I linked .nfo file to DAMN NFO Viewer. It's specifically designed with ASCII art in mind. A useful little tool for ARR life.
38  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Borked Toddler Skill Notification on: 2009 February 14, 16:32:59
The culprit is not BHAV, but a mistranslated PersonGlobal stringset. This bug happens in all languages except for US English. UK English is affected as well.
I fixed this bug in my Pie Menu Text Strings Fix. Be aware that my fix will conflict with other hacks which also modify PersonGlobal strings, notably Kitten Killer.

US English players are blissfully unaware of numerous broken pie menus plagued with redundant functions and inconsistent translations.
39  Darcyland / Lord Darcy Investigates / Re: Higher Comfort and Energy for Maxis Beds (Updated 2008/09/05) Added AL beds on: 2009 February 14, 16:03:28
So, post M&G, does this fix go in the AL folder or the M&G folder?
M&G. It's more like a mini EP than a SP.
40  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: Are these considered undiscovered shinies? on: 2009 February 04, 12:48:24
signsarenotfunny is available as a separate download, complete with its own RTFM explaining what it does.
41  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Help me fix this accessory? on: 2009 February 03, 11:37:47
Deleting male property sets which start with AM or TM will remove the eyeglass from catalogue.
42  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: The Great CS Bundle on: 2009 January 30, 12:37:39
Hey, you forget the survival clothes (looks like the base game clothes, but they are ripped and dirt).
And I hope that you can put here all the CS objects including new ones.

And, one more thing, you can do the same with  Pet stories (clothes, all objects, building stuff, etc) ?

I hate when people open a thread, read the first post, download and inmediately post WITHOUT READING MOAR! As I already said these items were not forgotten, I'm still working on them. Be patient.
It is known to have been badgering Havelock repeatedly for MOAR!!! Stories objects in the past.

Hey Havelock, when you put the harvestable plants for downloads? And when you put more Pet Stories objects? I like very much of all that (I know that's not easy to do), but I am your fan, you do everything that I want for the game. Continue with your good job, and put the other itens, please!!!!!
Sorry if I doing much pressure on you, but I want that objects!!!!

Why you stop to convert the stories objects? Please!!! I need more objects of Castaway Stories and Pet Stories. Please, please, please!!!!

Why stop converting the stories objects? i look in a bunch of sites for new objects but I didn't find. Please I need more! Sorry if I be insistent but I want the new convert objects of Pet Stories and Castaway Stories, because, the objects that was posted so far, I downloaded them all, and I know that have much more Stories objects to convert. Please, convert them!!!!!

In fact, its entire MATY posting history consists of Stories/Store beggz0ring. I would ignore it if I were you.

Oh and a big baaaaaa for taking on this huge project.
43  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Broken M&G Window on: 2009 January 30, 10:43:09
Thanks for the fix, Havelock. Smiley
Like all your previous fixes, I wish this fix would be included in the next version of CEP as well. Have you reported it in CEP thread on MTS2?
44  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Um... How Many New NPCs Are There in Happy Holiday Stuff? on: 2009 January 30, 10:07:10
after eating his cookie and dropping the present he always heads straight for the bathroom where he alternately pees and goes "ho-ho-ho" for the rest of the night.
He's always arriving with a full bladder, just like Grim Reaper. Another example of EAxian pee-obsession.
45  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Do MATY mods work for Sims 2: Double Deluxe? on: 2009 January 27, 22:05:27
You should get the mods from OFB folder, not from NL folder.

Deluxe = Base Game + NL
Double Deluxe = Base Game + NL + Celebration Stuff Pack

Celebration Stuff Pack is based on OFB engine, so it will override the NL executable.
46  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Any1 installed Sims 2 Store and EADM here? on: 2009 January 25, 15:08:25
What's this? I just tried loading Mansion and Garden and it's saying I need to run the store edition.
I guess EAxis raised the version bit of Store Edition in the newest version. The newest set was unreadable even in M&G without fixing OBJD version bit.
47  Darcyland / Lord Darcy Investigates / Re: Pie Menu Text Strings Fix (Updated 2008/12/23) on: 2009 January 22, 09:58:22
Any suggestion for Encourage strings?

Hmm... "Fabriquer" only apply to technology. "Composer" is correct, since the badge's name is "Composition florale". For a correct verb for all OFB craftables, "Créer" is more appropriate.
Is "Créer" suitable for FT craftables too? Because all craftables, OFB and FT alike, should use the same verb. It must be something generic like "Make".
48  Darcyland / Lord Darcy Investigates / Re: Pie Menu Text Strings Fix (Updated 2008/12/23) on: 2009 January 21, 11:00:33
Use "Prendre" is not so unacceptable (if the meal has to be taken from the stove, the microwave or the grill), except for this :

But, in fact, the meal will be ready and you'll have to take it. So this verb's correct.
Thanks for the confirmation. The string is changed from "Resume Cooking" to "Get (food)" or "Get.../(food)" when the cooking process is completed with that "ting" sound.

More French help is needed.

"Encourage.../To Be Outgoing" string is translated into "Encourager.../A se montrer extraverti", while the rest of strings are translated into "Encourager à être.../(personality)", resulting in inconsistency. "Encourager à être.../A se montrer extraverti" doesn't seem to be grammatically correct.

From "Management..." on OFB employees. Crafted flowers use "Composer", unlike all the rest of craftables (OFB and FT alike) which use "Fabriquer". Can I safely use "Fabriquer" on OFB flowers too? Like "Fabriquer des Bouquets de fleurs mélangées" or "Fabriquer à l'unité.../Bouquet de tulipes", for example. Just like food strings, I'd rather use "Fabriquer" if it's something acceptable.
(Notice that I already moved the orphaned "Management.../Craft Robots.../Servo" menu under "Make Many...".)

"Snuggle" on toddlers. Looks like this interaction was originally designed as "Hug.../Snuggle" but changed at the last minute, after all translations were sent in. It should be just one verb sans slash. What do you suggest? Will "Se blottir" work?

Man, this PersonGlobals string is a mess. Every time I update this fix, I come up with a fresh batch of b0rkenness from PersonGlobals. I also fixed orphaned "Comment tu me trouves" (Do You Like What You See?), so that it properly appears under "Demander..." (Ask...).

EAxis is partly to blame for this mess, failing to provide enough information for translators to maintain consistency. They used to give detailed descriptions around EP1 or EP2, but recent EPs come with almost nil information to guide translators. One more evidence that quality control is a long-lost concept inside EAxis.
49  Darcyland / Lord Darcy Investigates / Re: More Decorative Slots for Maxis Furniture (Updated 2008/11/10) EP5 Sink & Toilet on: 2009 January 20, 11:13:31
I read both the instilation guide and the first post, but I am unable to spot anything other than the OFB craftable objects.

This bit?

Mansion and Garden Stuff is more like a mini EP than a SP. If you have M&G, you should use M&G folder instead of FT or AL folder.

Move zLdDarcy_MaxisMoreDecoSlot_Overrides.package to Overrides folder under M&G.
50  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: TS2 Store Art Nouveaulicious Collection on: 2009 January 19, 17:27:06
Stupid EAxis, why clone Seasons Country desk instead of one of base game desks? Angry Seasons Country desk has its own special BHAVs and SLOTs to block homework route. Apparently EAxian morons forgot to fix SLOTs, resulting in "no bone on model" error. Which proves once again that the entire PayShit team know nothing about Sims object structure.

Download fixed desk from here:
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