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Title: Sims stuck on vacation
Post by: Merope on 2007 October 12, 15:10:29
This is different than the issue karen posted about.  Two Sims go on vacation to their vacation home, leaving grandpa and a kid back home.  They have a lovely vacation, go back home, get their extra want slots and perks, and then... get on a van to go on vacation again.  The game takes me to their vacation home, where the trip meter says "Time to go home" but no van comes and using the telephone to end the vacation does nothing.  I can't play the home lot, since they're on vacation, but I can't end the vacation, either.

At this point, I'm fine with killing them both off, but are there other solutions to this? 

Title: Re: Sims stuck on vacation
Post by: jsalemi on 2007 October 12, 15:55:17
Sounds like an issue the patch is supposed to fix.  But read the thread on the patch in The Podium first before you install it.

Title: Re: Sims stuck on vacation
Post by: kimmyfrmtx on 2007 October 12, 16:20:49
I have had that happen a few times.  I gave up on getting them home and went back to the main hood to play with another family. The entire family was gone on vacation but the plumbbob was lit up normally.

I entered the lot, family arrived and sim life continued as normal.

Title: Re: Sims stuck on vacation
Post by: KatEnigma on 2007 October 12, 17:32:40
I've had that twice now.  :P

I used Inge's teleporter bush to bring them into another family, and then moved them out.

Title: Re: Sims stuck on vacation
Post by: Brynne on 2007 October 16, 04:31:45
I've got a house in Pleasantview that is now unplayable (unlit plumbob overhead in n'hood view) because the game is convinced the family is still on vacation. Only half the household went on vacation, they got stuck via the taxi-takes-them-right-back-on-vacation-after-bringing-them-home glitch (with the taxi refusing to show back up at the vacation property after they made the call to return home), and I ended up teleporting them into another lot in Pleasantview, and moving them in, as Kat suggested. The vacation house (Brickstone Chateau in Twikkii Island) is now uninhabited, but the original Pleasantview house is still unplayable, even though there are about 5 sims living in that house that never even went on the vacation. I had the owner of the vacation lot sell the property (he was one of the stuck sims), but that didn't free the Pleasantview lot, either.

I do not have the patch installed because...I don't know, at this point. How much more problematic can things get?  :P

Title: Re: Sims stuck on vacation
Post by: olypolygirl on 2007 October 21, 20:40:08
I am having the same problem with Brickstone Chateau, although my hometown is different.

Title: Re: Sims stuck on vacation
Post by: ZephyrZodiac on 2007 October 21, 22:46:49
I'm so glad I still haven't unwrapped BV!!!!! ;D

Brynne, can you move the rest of the family out of the unplayable lot?  Either into the lot bin or with the teleporter?  Because i think that's what I'd be inclined to do - maybe if you can move them into the lot bin, the game would free the Pleasantview lot and you could then move everyone back home.