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Title: What's in Analysislog.sr0?
Post by: TishaKtz on 2007 October 12, 10:27:52
Ok, the EA official solution to the securom issue requires analysislog.sr0 file to be emailed, but I don't want to send out the info without knowing what the log contains.  After 10 pages of google results I haven't found anything that doesn't reference tech support pages for various programs that use the damn securom crap--ie, 'if you're having problems email this log to us."  But no further information.  So, do I generate and send this log or not? 

Title: Re: What's in Analysislog.sr0?
Post by: J. M. Pescado on 2007 October 12, 10:41:55
Don't. It contains all manner of personal information about your computer, which is why it is encrypted into an unreadable format: So others cannot discover that it contains all their personal data. Giving to them will simply reveal all of your personal data and not do anything to solve your problems. It is simply an information harvesting trick, nothing more. Do not fall for this.

Title: Re: What's in Analysislog.sr0?
Post by: ZephyrZodiac on 2007 October 17, 21:19:03
Maybe it's time the civil liberties groups got involved and started lobbying governments to make the whole Secure-ROM program illegal!  (For a policeman here in the UK trying to gather information on potential terrorists, this kind of information gathering would bring the wrath of the Old Bailey on his head!)