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Title: Ziggy's unfinished symphony
Post by: ZiggyDoodle on 2006 June 30, 20:00:14
Sorry, but am work and no time to upload photos.......might try tonight from home on my creaky dial-up. [Edit No. 2 - now at creaky dial-up]

Two-story seaside spec house.  Unfinshed interior layout and garage to be completed per new owner's specifications.

Center atrium opens to second floor stone patio overlooking the (yet unbuilt) pool and rock garden.  [Edited - photo added]


Kitchen designed with Pescado in mind.  Lockable with plenty of window gunnery sites to defend against gangs intent on raiding the foodstocks.


Definitely not a starter home, but a weekend retreat for the harried (but successful) businesswoman/man.

Dull decor (and lack of furniture) can be remedied with custom content. Lots of room for expansion.


Not Sims tested (not enough time).  If uninhabitable, easily converted to an art gallery or bordello.  Big lot. Expensive.

Bribe:  Two dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Title: Re: Ziggy's unfinished symphony
Post by: BlueSoup on 2006 July 02, 15:20:37
1.5 for aesthetics.

Title: Re: Ziggy's unfinished symphony
Post by: J. M. Pescado on 2006 August 29, 23:28:06
With every single inch of house plated in windows and the ground level split so it is impossible to go from one side to the other without being OUTSIDE, this is definitely not a home for vampires. Visitor access control nonexistent due to exposed stairs and unenclosed kitchen. No nursery. No skilling areas. While lot is a wide open, sprawing area and thus theoretically has lots of expansion space, it is uncertain how this can actually be accomplished without essentially demolishing the existing house. Given that house is unsuitable for generational use and unsuitable for vampiric inhabitation, it is uncertain who, exactly, is supposed to live in it. While bribe is interesting offer, I am at a loss for how you intend to deliver, and therefore cannot award points. At least nothing is physically wrong with the lot itself. Cost ludicrously expensive considering most of this house is empty lot and most facilities are incomplete or missing! Next time, consider actually finishing the "symphony", because it presently sounds more like a cacophony.

Bribe: 0.0
Functionality: 0.6
Scenarios: 0.6
Expand/Adapt: 1.1
Cost Effectiveness: 0.4
Physics: 10.0
Aesthetics: 1.5

Technical: 1.483
Total: 0.89