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Title: Better Bowling
Post by: crammyboy on 2006 June 18, 22:36:46
Allows sims to actually bowl in a bowling ally, rather than just throwing once then wandering off.


for OFBp1 and OFBp2

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Title: Re: Better Bowling
Post by: syberspunk on 2006 June 19, 07:18:19
Neat. So... does this mean that, when I have a group outing, I can actually get everyone to bowl? I tried this a couple of times, and some sims will bowl, and some sims will roll once and then wander off. :P

Also... will I still be able to shoo them away if I want them to be shooed? Or will they be locked into bowling until the game is 'finished?' Is there even a point at with the game is finished? Can a sim even win against another?

It can be quite frustrating tryin to get a game going and then managing that game, when you have random strangers join you, if you have a group outing, while your group members refuse to participate. :P


Title: Re: Better Bowling
Post by: crammyboy on 2006 June 19, 10:48:25
It just lets the bowling continue after the fun bar has been filled. I will look into more selective joining for outings and friends though.

I did see something about the end of game in the code, but I didn't pay it much attention.

Title: Re: Better Bowling
Post by: jenflower on 2006 June 30, 17:28:19
I have such a problem with most of the group games in the Sims.  They constantly have the want to "win a game against so and so", but no one ever stays in the game long enough to have anyone win or lose.  This includes darts, pool, chess, etc - and we won't even talk about MyShuno...they are sooooo fickle when it comes to playing THAT game.  Maybe those games should be coded to be played a little faster and then we would finally see winners and losers.  I think I saw darts end once and chess end once, and that is all.

I have never seen the sims actually bowl until there was a winner or loser, but maybe with this mod, I can actually have the sims play long enough to see if someone actually wins.

Title: Re: Better Bowling
Post by: J. M. Pescado on 2006 June 30, 18:32:40
Darts has no specific win point. A sim "wins" only when they randomly hit the bullseye. Game continues until then, which could be a long time, or could happen before the second sim is even in position to see it.

Title: Re: Better Bowling
Post by: riggs on 2006 August 21, 14:42:37
This is much better! I tested it out, and my sims actually bowled for quite a while. There were lots of sims bowling--like they actually enjoyed it, or something.

Unfortunately, the sim I was controlling and her date chose different lanes at opposite ends of the alley.

Now if we could only have some sort of logic for dates and outings (and an autochange door that switched people to bowling shirts) we'd be all set.  ;D

I know--the game doesn't know "bowling shirt" from any other other everyday outfit, but it would be nice. ...

Title: Re: Better Bowling
Post by: J. M. Pescado on 2006 August 21, 16:02:38
I thought it was the bowling that defined the shirt, not the other way around.

Title: Re: Better Bowling
Post by: Orikes on 2006 September 08, 05:50:28
Does this only work on community lots, or will it also work on some of the residential lots where my sims were rich enough to afford a bowling alley in their house?