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Title: Stop Poking Me!
Post by: J. M. Pescado on 2020 May 25, 18:17:38
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Stop Poking Me!

Congratulations to: Draklixa!

Unzip in your MYDOCU~1\ELECTR~1\THESIM~2\Mods directory.

Do you hate it when random townies pester you while you're trying to work, somehow knowing where you are from the opposite
end of the lot, and simply WILL NOT LEAVE YOU ALONE no matter how many times you X them out? WHO BE YOU? DO I KNOW

Sims will no longer pester those who are too far away to be easily seen, people who are WORKING, or those that they don't know
well enough (outgoing sims ignore this, because extroverts are creepy like that. Inappropriate socialization with unrelated children
should similarly be curtailed. Who goes up to random other peoples' children and starts talking to them, anyway? PEDOPHILES,
that's who.

You may notice a sharp decline in the amount of random socializing occurring as a result of the new rules. This probably means that
sims will find some new annoying thing to obsess over. Because sims.

Tested for v1.61.15.1020+.
Requires ( (
No file conflicts.

May cause computer damage, incontinence, explosion of user's head, coma, death,
and/or halitosis.

Do not open, crush, dispose of in fire, put in backwards, short-circuit, or mix
with non-awesome hacks - may explode, leak, or catch fire, resulting in injury
and/or death.