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Title: Never-fixed major bugs??
Post by: hallowhatsup on 2020 May 23, 18:28:48
So I've played sims for a long time and have always had this problem in every version of the game. Basically, when one of your sims best friends die or lover dies, they keep that relationship even when they die, they still have them as a love/best friend. when two sims are engaged and one of them dies, the living sim can get reengaged, there's no issue with that but they are still "in love and best friends with [they don't have an engaged tag]" the dead fiancÚ. this doesn't happen when they were married and their spouse died the (love/best friend/crush) tags get completely unset. this also happens with just best friends, if a sims best friend dies they still are best friends with that sim even in death and it shows up in their memories as an extra best friend number (2 living best friends but you get a have 3 best friends memory). maybe it's just me but i don't think they should still be considered a best friend in death, maybe when they're resurrected. but even then they can just be best friends again. Now this is the "Biggest" issue, when two teen sims are going steady, and one of them dies, they're  still "in love and best friends" with the dead teen BUT you cannot go steady with another teen sim, the options won't appear. two teens can be in love with each other but they can't go steady cause the teen had a partner before that died, i've done this test Many times, sims can't go steady when they have a dead teen bf/gf. Now i'm just wondering, has this never shown up for anyone in gameplay? Cause i've experienced this a few times during gameplay but i searched the forum and no ones ever complained about this. i'm also surprised no one made a mod about it, to unset all best friend, crush and love tags when a  best friend or relationship dies.

Title: Re: Never-fixed major bugs??
Post by: J. M. Pescado on 2020 May 24, 05:28:03
Not losing love or "best friend" status on death is normal and correct. It's not an exclusive state and sims can occasionally come back to ilfe, after all.

Not losing the steady bit can be regarded as a bit of a bug. A fix for that is available in the updated Marriage PostMortem, which will clear the steady bit alongside the other married/engaged its on death.

Title: Re: Never-fixed major bugs??
Post by: hallowhatsup on 2020 May 24, 06:12:33
I tried it with your marriage-postmortem mod as well. I actually use it in normal gameplay and noticed the issue during normal play through but i tried it again in a no-mod neighborhood. teen sims cannot go steady if they had a previous partner that died. i made a custom hood and added just these 3 teens in, i guess it's not fixed correctly? cause it's just not working for me.and about the love and best friend tags, i know they can be resurrected, i've resurrected deceased partners before but the tag can easily be repaired if it's unset when they die because most of the time they're daily and lifetime relationships upon resurrection are around 80-90 and they can easily have them go back into a romantic relationship or best friendship. also on that note, it personally bothers me that they're still "in love" with a dead sim because when they enter a new relationship, their memories state "had 2 loves at once" and it makes it like the sim cheated just because they had a fiancÚ that died or had a go steady partner die when they were teenager. anyway i just wanted to point it out, i know it's not the biggest issue

Title: Re: Never-fixed major bugs??
Post by: J. M. Pescado on 2020 May 24, 13:16:02
Is this with the new update that I posted, or the old version? Did you use the new version, with a preexisting save that already had the condition in place, or did you try to reproduce it from a fresh start with the new update?

Title: Re: Never-fixed major bugs??
Post by: hallowhatsup on 2020 May 24, 21:15:10
ok, so i downloaded the fix and it's working now. it's letting teens go steady again. and i saw that the sims still stay in love after death and it still kind of bothers me because. I actually just tested the mod out in the veronaville house with juliette capp. i made a teen sim and made him go steady with juliette and then killed her. and i made a new teen sim to see if the go steady action was working now and after her death and he was flirting with the other teen sim, all of juliettes siblings and her grandfather  started dropping massive relationship points with the guy even though juliette was dead and started fighting him and stuff. i guess they thought he was cheating on her even though she was dead? i tested it with adult sims whose romantic partner died and it still does the same thing. the family starts losing relationship points with the romantic partner of the sim who died if they get in a new relationship. idk well the main issue is fixed. so thank you so much for fixing that glitch and thanks for all the help.

Title: Re: Never-fixed major bugs??
Post by: J. M. Pescado on 2020 May 25, 04:51:55
Okay, that sounds like a different bug, a bug I'm pretty sure I quashed elsewhere, probably under RomanceMod.