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Title: Gig Unfucking Fix [OBSOLETE]
Post by: J. M. Pescado on 2020 April 10, 15:08:45
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Gig Fuckup 1.62.67 Fix

Congratulations to: Draklixa!

Unzip in your MYDOCU~1\ELECTR~1\THESIM~2\Mods directory.

EAxis broke it in the patch. This fixes it. Gigs now work properly again. They will notify you and summon you at the appropriate times.

For v1.62.67.1020. Doesn't do anything in older versions. Fixed as of 1.63.133.
Requires ( (
No file conflicts.

May cause computer damage, incontinence, explosion of user's head, coma, death,
and/or halitosis.

Do not open, crush, dispose of in fire, put in backwards, short-circuit, or mix
with non-awesome hacks - may explode, leak, or catch fire, resulting in injury
and/or death.

Title: Re: Gig Unfucking Fix
Post by: Lenore on 2020 April 16, 18:12:19
This worked perfectly in my game - once.

I had a sim who had a gig lined up before I installed this, installed the mod, but she still wouldn't go. I canceled that one and sent her to another audition. She passed and went to that gig exactly as she was supposed to. After that one, though, I had her audition again, and she wouldn't go to the next gig. Tried switching agencies, same problem. Started a new game with a brand new sim, same problem. No other mods in my game besides this one.

Title: Re: Gig Unfucking Fix
Post by: J. M. Pescado on 2020 April 17, 02:58:20
Interdasting. I'm about to hit my second one in my game, so I will investigate it.

Did you blow through two continuously in a single run (they space these things out fucking FOREVER so you can't hit them back to back), or did you save/reload in between?

Title: Re: Gig Unfucking Fix
Post by: J. M. Pescado on 2020 April 17, 14:10:46
Could not reproduce this result in testing, second gig and third gig since installation was completed successfully without issue. Honestly, can't see any rational reason why one gig would work and then the second would fail, since that would imply that the game has some memory of past gigs in this way, which I can't find.

Are you sure the files were all correctly installed?

I added a new version of everything that now includes a diagnostic check command so you can verify correct installation: Type "gigfixer" into the console window once the lot is loaded and it will report if any installation anomalies were detected. If you get no response, or a bad response, the install was not performed completely and correctly.