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Title: Decimation!
Post by: Lowedeus on 2020 March 15, 21:12:15
Hi there.
As you know, FFS Lot Debugger has a "decimate neighborhood" option. It randomly gives 10% of the neighborhood the I Am Dead Token. This option signed "DO NOT USE".
So, is the "Kill - Give a Dead Token" interaction really harmful for the gameplay, and can the "Decimate neighborhood" option of FFS lot debugger cause neighborhood corruption?
Thank you!

Title: Re: Decimation!
Post by: J. M. Pescado on 2020 March 16, 02:42:29
It's harmful in the sense that it fills your neighborhood file in dead sims, which may have weird consequences for anyone who was roaming around at the time it happened. It PROBABLY won't cause your neighborhood to explode...PROBABLY. Be advised that this is a joke option because someone asked for it, not something that is intended for serious gameplay use.