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Title: Mod Version?
Post by: Jules on 2018 January 07, 16:52:00
Hello there, I recently started playing again and have some trouble getting to run the Awesome mod. When I want to run the game, an error stating

"It looks like you have installed an unofficial game modification that does not match your current version of The Sims 3. [...]"

That kinda makes me wonder what's going up there. I run the game via Steam, so I would think the game is up to date, according to the launcher it runs on version

I have the University, Late Night and Pets DLC, if that might be of help.

I installed the framework from this (,15184.0.html) thread and put the .package files in my mod folder in \documents. The mod seemed to run (I could see the details of stuff in buy mode, for example) but the error message worried me. Also, after a couple days, the game began to run very slowly and there were hick-ups where the game just froze for a minute. When these hickups began as commonplace as two times a day, I uninstalled the mod.

Now I played several weeks and begin to really miss the features and wanted to give this a new try - so please somebody tell me what I did wrong? If somebody would post me a step by step guide how to get this running cleanly, I'd really appreciate it.

I already tried to implement the advice from here (,17453.0.html), but the info seems a bit dated - for example the mod directory is in \documents now, no longer in the path where the game is installed. Other mods' instructions mentioned putting config.cfg files in the mod folder in \documents, so I did that too. Everything else seems to just run fine.

Title: Re: Mod Version?
Post by: witch on 2018 January 08, 22:20:54
I think your problem is STEAM. I run Awesomemod and Nraas with no problems - and still in the old place btw, it works but the 'Documents' mod placement was added because people kept mucking up their game installs when they had their mods in with the program install files.