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Title: Problems with loading my Save [SOLVED]
Post by: Neon on 2017 May 08, 20:03:32
DISCLAIMER: I used the search before, I used Google, I'm not sure what keywords fit most. My problem is NOT that my game doesn't load to the menu or crashes while doing so. As far as I understood my search results correctly, this was the problem in all of them.

PROBLEM: I started a new game. After playing a while I installed AM. It worked fine. At some point the game would just stop loading my savegame (the loading screen where you can play the minigame and earn some points). The loading bar just stops at some point (random? It doesn't appear to be the same spot every try). I gave it like 10 minutes or the like, not more, but it's waaaaay to long compared to my normal loading time.

WORKAROUND: Now here's the fun thing: I disabled AM, reloaded my game. It then loaded my save really fast (the bar doesn't even reach 50%), but then it resets all my Sims (I guess it also resets all Sims in the town, because the game is laggy for the first few minutes playing and there are taxis going nuts everywhere). But I didn't let the game run for long, just saved again, re-enabled AM, reloaded: worked fine.

MAYBE RELATED, BUT NOT SURELY: The first time this happened my Sim was upgrading the teleport pad. She finished it at some point, I played 1 or 2 hours, saved and on the next day the problem didn't reoccur. However, it reoccured after I used the bug that makes the teleport pad have both upgrades (start the other upgrade, abort it). I had the problem every day and was able to solve it using the trick described. Yesterday I put the teleport pad in the family inventory, but unfortunately the problem reoccured today nevertheless.

I'm quite glad I found a workaround, but loading the game three times each day (one time to see if it occurs, another time to reset the sims, a third time to actually play) is a bit annoying so I hoped someone here can help me identify and fix the issue. I have installed NRAAS master controller and the overwatcher (because yesterday the game started hanging every few seconds; some Sim(s) and taxis had routing issues) (yeah, I'm playing Bridgeport, I just like cities, damnit), but they both appear to work fine with AM. If you tell me how, I can supply additional information. I could also give you the save file, but I don't want to publish it here, so I'd send it (or a DL link) via PM. Because I'm saving to a new file every time I could also provide the save before the fail, the safe the fail happened first and the save that worked after the first fail. Maybe it's of interest.

Title: Re: Problems with loading my Save
Post by: Starler on 2017 May 09, 16:29:13
When you disable/uninstall AM, all sims are automatically reset. It may be that AM is trying to fix issues with the save, which is causing the load time to be excessive/hang. Resetting the sims may be fixing errors initially, but any errors are probably recurring shortly after the reset. Have you tried using ErrorTrap from Nraas to see if anything gets caught when you load the game and play for a bit?

Title: Re: Problems with loading my Save
Post by: Neon on 2017 May 09, 21:42:53
Thank you for your answer.  :)

Does it reset the Sims only when restarted in a limited time frame? I had the load failure again yesterday and spontaneously lost the interest in starting the game again. Today I started the game with mods disabled and it didn't load. I had to enable the mods, try to load the game, kill it, disable the mods, load it, have all Sims reset, save it, then reload with mods on. So apparently it didn't reset the Sims yesterday when the loading failure occured.

I have attached the two error logs that occured during my play session. I'm unable to rate the severity of the entries. Maybe you could share your experience with me? Thanks in advance.

Title: Re: Problems with loading my Save
Post by: Starler on 2017 May 09, 23:09:11
AM forces a reset any time it is enabled or disabled. The reset should happen as soon as the game finishes loading (which usually happens before the game becomes playable, so the load bar may still be moving/stopped close to the end). As to how that allows/prevents loading, I'm not familiar enough with how TS3 works internally to answer the question. I do recall the reason I stopped using Bridgeport was because my save there eventually refused to load, and when it would load, it would lock up about 5 in-game minutes into playing the file, which sounds strikingly similar to your issue. I wrote it off as a BBFVFS.

ErrorTrap log information can be found here. ( The 2nd log you uploaded looks like a standard cleaning routine, most likely running as a result of AM/MasterController cleaning. The first log looks similar to an error that happens when a Sim is writing a book with a name that matches an existing written book, but with the smartphone. So, I'm guessing, a Sim is trying to create a blog post with the same name as an existing blog post. Either that, or it's a corrupt inventory issue, which would be most easily resolved by nuking the Sim that was trapped, or nuking their inventory.

ETA: Added clarity to when the reset takes place, as well as to clarify the 2nd log information.

Title: Re: Problems with loading my Save
Post by: Neon on 2017 May 10, 11:52:05
Thanks for the help.

I conclude it could be worth a try moving house and family to another neighborhood. Can you recommend me custom towns? Do you know of other towns I should avoid?

Title: Re: Problems with loading my Save
Post by: Starler on 2017 May 11, 03:50:17
In case you aren't familiar, you should use Nraas's Porter to move your family if that's your decision. If you want to stick with vanilla worlds, I suggest checking out Ellacharmed's world files with routing fixes over at MTS. Personally, I use Legacy Island III from the exchange, but that one does have some serious routing issues, meaning I have to reset the world with MasterController every four in-game weeks or so to keep everything working correctly. If I don't reset, I start to get time stutters.

I should note though that I have a very beefy rig and run TS3 off an M.2 SSD, so take anything I have to say with a grain of salt. I should also note that I no longer use AM, only because I was running into an issue a while back that caused my Universities to be empty. I believe this issue has been fixed since I stopped using AM, but I'm presently happy with my Twallan combo.

Title: Re: Problems with loading my Save
Post by: Neon on 2017 May 13, 06:46:51
I think I'm going to try out Brooklyn Heights ( Looks awesome and well made.

I also got the porter, but - of course, this would have been too easy - it crashes the game when I want to pack my family. I click on pack, the window to select the households opens (I see some of them, but it appears busy loading more), a short time after the game crashes. Maybe there are households the mod doesn't like.

I already wrote at NRAAS about this, but I'm not expecting any help tbh. I don't blame anyone, it's my problem, if I want to play such an old, buggy game. Do you have other ideas transfering my family? What speaks against moving them by phone? Or maybe some manual trick moving with s3pe?

I think I'm through this now. So, as a conclusion: If you have problems with loading your savegame, consider moving to another town. Use the NRAAS Porter or, if that crashes, use the NRAAS traveler. My family is in a new town now. Using the Sims 3 Library system, it wasn't a big deal to bring the old house with furniture along. Here are some links for people, who find this thread in the future:
NRAAS Porter Mod ( (for packing one or more families and placing them in another neighborhood)
NRAAS Traveler Mod ( (for traveling to any other neighborhood as if it were a vacation destination; there is a feature to set the vacation neighborhood as your home neighborhood once you've traveled there; see the next link)
Traveler FAQ: Switching Homeworlds ( (follow the instructions to let your family set their vacation neighborhood as home neighborhood)
Porter Issue: Crash on Pack ( (a maybe helpful thread about the issue that makes the porter mod crash if you want to pack your family; also further information and tips for switching from a bugged town to a new one)

Thanks to Starler for their help here.