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Title: What is AM Story mode looking for in a house?
Post by: Kyna on 2017 April 08, 14:00:37
Have the rules changed for AM's story mode when it comes to putting sims in houses?  Story mode is pushing the action to move sims around far more aggressively than it used to (to the extent that it is barely pushing romance or breeding actions), and is trying to move households out of lots that are suitable for them.

The rules as I understand them are that each lot must have as a bare minimum:
- sufficient beds (a mix of single & double)
- a crib for each toddler/baby
- toilet & shower
- fridge & stove & food counter

What am I missing?  Do the beds now all need to be non-Kewian based?  Do I need to add a washing machine to each lot?  Do I need to add a bath instead of a shower?

After seeing this change in an existing neighbourhood I was playing, I started a new neighbourhood in JFade's world (where the houses all have at least one crib and the neighbourhood was designed to be AM compatible), and I'm still seeing the same issue.

Title: Re: What is AM Story mode looking for in a house?
Post by: J. M. Pescado on 2017 April 09, 04:26:03
None of those rules have been changed, so I'm not entirely sure what you're seeing. Do you have any specific details of what kind of moves you're seeing that you shouldn't be?

Title: Re: What is AM Story mode looking for in a house?
Post by: Kyna on 2017 April 09, 04:49:26
The thing is, I'm not seeing any moves.

What I am seeing is lots of failures to move or split households and failures to place townies, multiple times per day.

- There are plenty of lots that homeless sims can afford that are suitable, but AM attempts to place them and fails.
- I am no longer seeing any messages that a family was moved for breeding space, so I assume those moves are failing too.
- I'm not seeing any breeding taking place, even when families have spare beds & spare crib, so again, I am assuming their lots aren't suitable.
- In a town with plenty of singles, I am seeing maybe one romance interaction a week.  Usually at least one (if not both) of the sims involved are homeless.  I think that the aggressive pushing of move interactions may be shutting out romance interactions.

I had this happening with the AM before the most recent one, and it is still happening. I didn't play for a while, so I don't know how far back this change in storymode's behaviour goes.

Title: Re: What is AM Story mode looking for in a house?
Post by: wizard_merlin on 2017 April 11, 17:59:42
I had a situation recently where a number of households were moved out of their houses and kept in the homeless pool, rather than being moved into another property.

I don't know if it was an AM issue or something screwed up within that particular game, but started a new game and everything seems to be ok again, for now at least.

Title: Re: What is AM Story mode looking for in a house?
Post by: Elanorea on 2017 April 24, 12:31:36
I am having similar issues. Lots and lots of failed move notifications, 0 breeding. I decided to run an experiment to see if I could get breeding/moves to work at all.

Made several married YA couples, all with Family-Oriented and Nurturing traits and the "big family" LTW (not sure if traits/LTW influence likelihood of breeding, but just in case...). Moved them into houses that had at least 1 double and 1 single bed and a crib. Furthermore, I added several copies of a $17.5k home with 1 double bed, 2 single beds and a crib into the neighbourhood. All the houses also had the requisite bathroom/kitchen stuff. Let the game run for 20 simdays. No breeding occurred. Not a single homeless sim moved into the starter homes (there were a lot of failed move notifications though). Oddly enough, at least 1 homeless sim moved into a more expensive house, even though she didn't have any money left after the move.

About halfway through it occurred to me that it might be holding off on breeding because there's no room for twins/triplets, so I added cribs and single beds to some of the houses until they had 3 of each, and moved the couples into those. Still nothing. In case the houses were somehow still too expensive for them, or were being avoided because they had too many beds (most of the homeless households had only 1 sim) I also made a super-cheap (<$5k) house containing all the necessities with only 1 single bed. Nobody moved into that, either.

There definitely seems to be something wonky going on here, and I know it used to work differently. Cheap houses used to be filled pretty much immediately, and there was also a nonzero amount of children born in inactive households.

Here's just one example of a failed move, when an affordable house clearly exists:

Title: Re: What is AM Story mode looking for in a house?
Post by: witch on 2017 April 25, 02:47:31
Make sure you have the latest AM, it has been updated several times re the moving issue. My latest hood is working properly, although I have noticed that pregnant sims get moved to a house with two cribs, even if one crib exists in the current house. Otherwise moves as normal. I did have a robot split off last night, but I may have forgotten to put a recharger in the lot.