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Title: My sims can't buy items in decra chill and shelves
Post by: jaumet on 2016 May 13, 20:54:00
Hi Simmers! I need some help, because I am desperate and collapsed!!!!!!!!! I am building a shopping center, with a market, hair salon, video racks, etc... and a bakery, and this is the problem, everything work fine but the bakery. I have all EPS and SPS, and I can't not buy or sell nothing in the decra chill nor shelves. I can't not buy or sell custom content nor maxis objects... I have "Numenor_GlobalHack_OFB_Custom-objects-placeable-on-shelves" in my downloads folder, and "zLdDarcy_OFBFoodDisplay_NoPreventPlacement" in ProgramFiles, Mansion and Garden/bins. And does not work anything. I've tried without mods, and nothing, does not work... Anybody knows why this is happening to me? Help me please!!!!!!!! Thanks in advanced (sorry for my bad english, It's not my first language).