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Title: WA China tomb bug
Post by: Daimon on 2016 April 15, 09:08:45
Many-lots of googling tells me that if Pangu's Axe goes missing when not in build mode inside the Temple of Heaven then I'm just screwed because a more recent patch broke that expansion, sucks to be me. Getting an axe anyway is no problem with cheats -- but finishing the adventure to search for the axe and find it in the temple, that's no longer possible.

Does anyone know of a way to either un-break the tomb, making the axe visible for grabbage (preferred) or a way to nuke the adventure opportunity from the adventure journal so that the sim at least can do other adventures in China?

Title: Re: WA China tomb bug
Post by: Sita on 2016 April 15, 09:32:09
WA has been broken since it was first published, and later patches made it impossible to direct your Sim through the narrow passageways in the Pangu's Axe tomb. I would suggest using Teleport, either cheating or as a Martial Arts Skill. THEN the quest is possible. (Also I turn off ErrorTrap because that tends to instantly teleport the Sim back to BaseCamp every time he gets stuck, which is quite tedious).

If you don't want to complete the quest, just right click on it in the control panel, as for any opportunity. Many ARE broken now. The Adventure Board should then give you another quest.

Title: Re: WA China tomb bug
Post by: Daimon on 2016 April 15, 10:07:13
Hmm, I don't seem to be able to right-click to any effect. Possibly because this brings up the adventure journal, rather than work like a normal opportunity. The zeneport thing works like a charm, though!