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Title: MooVille, a tribute to Mootilda and her fabulous lots
Post by: waynefox on 2014 September 11, 19:11:22
This is a thank you to Mootilda for all her fabulous lots and programs she has given to the Sims 2 community.

I used my Pleasantview2 SC4 to make this hood with. (

All lots where made by Mootilda.
I used NL EP so I could include her "Moo's Nightlife Mews" (
I have also used Mootilda's "Moo's Mews (8 modern base-game no-cc venues)". (
I have used all of her houses without basements for the ones that have them. (
(Mootilda made all her 3 & 4 bedroom house with and without basements.)
I did use the one house that has a basement called "Hidden Depths" (
There are 46 houses with 14 community lots. (All community lots were made to go side by side, I have them spread out so you can see them better.)

Price range from 19,120 to as high as 183,000.

There is 3 piece of CC that I will include in the download so you don't have to go find them, Mootilda included them in the download.
1. Moo_Floor-Poured-Latte-Set
2. Numenor_DeckStairs_main
3. sunni9676-Recolor_NumenorStairs_Invisible

I use the any game starter program making a clean and empty hood with no Maxis content.

( (

AKA marka, marka93.