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Title: Can AM regulate stuck sims?
Post by: Sposadox on 2014 June 11, 01:17:10
I really like all the features of AM, and it works great when I use it...for about 5 minutes. Then I get frequent pauses every few seconds, with fx playing but animations freezing. I figured this out weeks ago when I first got the game so I know that its sims getting routing errors somewhere on the map or stuck. I had several NRAAS mods installed that fixed it, but now that I'm using AM its happening again. Does AM have something to get rid of the homeless with and keep sims from getting stuck in routing bugs?

Title: Re: Can AM regulate stuck sims?
Post by: J. M. Pescado on 2014 June 13, 10:37:27
I am not familiar with this particular issue. But as far as I know, there should be nothing preventing you from installing these routing fixes as well.

Title: Re: Can AM regulate stuck sims?
Post by: Levini on 2014 June 13, 21:18:15
Pes, I believe they're referring to the Routing issues in EA worlds that cause sims to spawn and be forever stuck in the location. Also the Homeless issue is I suppose something along the lines of random sims that aren't assigned to homes and seem to flood the world. NRAAS (I believe Overwatch) had a part in one of the mods to delete all sims not assigned to a home in the main world to reduce lagging.

Sposadox, As far as the issue goes, There's not a perfect solution to it as EA is a crapdash mess. What you're best to do is if you're playing an EA world, you can use Ellacharmed's world routing fixes (MTS) to prevent sims from getting stuck in horribly routed EAxian worlds. If it's custom, you can't do much unless you have an idea of what you're doing in CAW and are willing to DIY. Also, I would say if you don't need a large ass world or only use a small portion of the world you're currently playing out, you should go for smaller worlds as the issue you are having may be related to your computer too.

I know when I started out with TS3 that I had horrid lag trying to play any EAxis sized world. When I went smaller (to a medium sized world) I had a few lag points, but it ran smoother.

Title: Re: Can AM regulate stuck sims?
Post by: witch on 2014 June 13, 23:35:51
Is homeless the same thing as AM reports as 'going feral'?

I might check NRASS mods to kill off homeless, I'm not sure if AM's PopCap setting is working, I've successively dropped it down from 300 to 150 and I'm not really seeing any change in the number of sims floating around. (Yes I did kill off swathes of sims each time, so babies are still being born.)