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Title: A house I used to live in
Post by: MrsCrumplebottom on 2013 October 24, 15:25:59
Spent the last couple of evenings creating a house based on one I grew up in, in the Detroit suburb of Oak Park, Michigan.

It has a few store items (washer and dryer), and I created it in Barnacle Bay, so it has the nautical-themed mailbox.  

Oak Park.Sims3Pack (

It has four bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs.  The house I lived in didn't have a bathroom on the main floor (rather, a closet), but I took a few liberties and added one.  I was also going by memory, as I hadn't lived in the house since 1983.

There's also a decent-sized utility area in the basement, as well as a couple more rooms and a bathroom.  If you have Party Animal Sims, I'm sure they'd appreciate having more rooms for fun stuff.  :)

There's a kitchen with a kitchenette, as well as a dining room, in which I put a professional bar.



Bear with me here, Photobucket's giving me crap and I'm new to Flickr.  I'll be getting pictures of the interior up ASAP.

Ground floor:


Second floor:




EDIT:  I updated the download link.  I found a small issue with the house, fixed it, and re-uploaded.