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Title: Problem with Sims moving out of their houses
Post by: spambi on 2013 May 20, 05:52:29
Recently I've been having problems with families moving out of their homes. I have also seen half a family move out of a home -- the mother, son by a different father, and all the pets left, her fiance and their daughter stayed. Is this allowed by Awesome Mod? I haven't seen families do this before. I'm also getting a lot of messages in the newspaper about game-generated families moving in, though I haven't found them on the map, and there are no empty houses.

The only things I've changed recently are I've started using CC Magic and Simport. CC Magic hasn't moved AM, and other AM functions are working, mostly (I've been noticing that Sims aren't changing out of their work clothes reliably.) I've read that the moving out of town thing is something that EA story mode does.

I'm going to stop using Simport because I think it's the reason I have a borked pattern that's infecting all my other patterns.

Any ideas how I can fix the moving away problem? Thanks in advance.

Title: Re: Problem with Sims moving out of their houses
Post by: pepsihamster on 2013 May 21, 08:27:47
I'm not computer/game savvy, but one thing you could try is replacing your Awesomemod with a new one, including the config file. In the many years I have used it, I have on two occasions experienced that something had broken Awesomemod - don't ask me how that could happen, I have no idea, I just know that it did and replacing the 2 files I had with a new copy fixed the issue. Remember to delete the script cache file, too, once you have replaced the mod/config! Once you get back into the game, try to do Ctrl+C and type in fixall

You could then, just as a precaution, do 'Save As' under a new name, then do 'Save' without unpausing the game first. This will have made a backup in your Saves folder of the game you just saved. Quit the game. Delete last save from your Saves folder and rename the xxxx.sims3.backup to xxxx.sims3 Now you can start the game and play that one and test if it works.
If things don't go back to normal after that, something else is wrong. Probably another mod or CC you have downloaded doesn't work and you just have to do the usual, ever so boring, elimination dance. Or it may be because of the simporting. God knows what you can catch by doing that  :P It would never occur to me to do that, so I can't advise anything there.

Title: Re: Problem with Sims moving out of their houses
Post by: spambi on 2013 May 22, 00:19:49
Thanks, I will try that.