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Title: Severus Snape
Post by: HomeschooledByTards on 2012 November 07, 23:37:43
Severus Snape as imagined by me. I can't make sims look a person, so I just fiddled with sliders until I was satisfied. :P

I do not think Snape is as attractive as Alan Rickman made him look, I think Snape is probably fairly homely and sour looking, and much thinner than Mr. Rickman. Tom Hiddleston as Loki in the Avengers comes much closer to my personal picture of Snape, but Loki is still more attractive (most of the time) than I think Snape is (if anyone skilled as making sims look like people would be willing to make me a Loki/Tom Hiddleston, I would love you forever and ever and ever and ever). However, the body size/shape/height of Hiddleston is spot on in my mind. This dude looks nothing like either actor. :)

His traits:

Mean Spirited

Traits that might also apply to Snape;
Dislikes Children
Gatherer (as a potions master/instructor he would probably be familiar with growing and harvesting potions ingredients)
Hopeless romantic (in love with the same woman for 38 years? Yeah.)
Hot headed (conflicts with grumpy)
Natural cook (potions has similar skills to cooking)
Night owl
No sense of humor

His lifetime goal is Alchemy Artisan.

The only CC I *know* I used is the Death Eater tattoo ( from MTS. I am unsure if it is included in the sim files shared here or not. The "robes" he is wearing are possibly/probably a store item. I do not know which store item however, but I don't have a lot of male CC that is not from the store. If someone points me to the store item or link to the CC I used I will update this post.

His everyday and formal robes can be found in the Store here ( for 75 simspoints. It is the long Mandarin Coat.








Formal and Everyday:




Sims3Pack ( ~~ .sim (

Title: Re: Severus Snape
Post by: RebelRed on 2012 November 08, 03:39:44
I love your version, great work!

Title: Re: Severus Snape
Post by: Twinkie Indra on 2014 May 01, 19:02:53
Good work, I like this version of Severus :)