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Title: Jump Bug with Interactions in AL
Post by: invisiblegenius on 2011 August 04, 04:03:11
Two married sims that I have been playing for quite a while are suddenly unable to interact with each other at all. The only option in the pie menu is Appreciate > Admire or Backrub. When I select either option for either sim, the sim jumps, rotates 90 degrees, and the picture near the wants menu changes. They can't do anything near each other, like eating at the same table or sleeping in the same bed. The first time I noticed this happening was after I tried using the mistletoe from the Happy Holidays SP, but it might have been a problem before that, too.  They are also having trouble with interactions in general, and are only able do one thing at a time and that one action gets canceled easily. It's only a problem with the mom and dad; their kids aren't affected. I had to spawn the entire family after they got stuck in BV limbo (long story) but they were fine until these issues started recently. I tried a million things in the lot debugger but nothing worked. I don't run any hacks but I have all the expansion and stuff packs installed. Error logs attached (don't know why so many were generated).