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Title: Awesomemod's hidden traits
Post by: galaxygraber on 2010 June 26, 22:16:01
I've tried doing this myself, but I guess I fail. Just a few days ago, I was poking around in the XML files for awesomemod and found some hidden traits that were defaulted hidden and wanted to get them to display in the CAS. Needless to say, I broke my game. The traits themselves can be added to your sim by using the, "addtrait" command, but I thought it would be cool to have them show up in the CAS considering how hilarious they are. Here is the list:

Tealdeer Immune
Registered Sex Offender

I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to direct me to a tutorial, or tell me how to do it. I know that treeag from MTS created a mod that allowed the hidden traits to be displayed, so would it be possible to do something similar?

Title: Re: Awesomemod's hidden traits
Post by: dragoness on 2010 June 28, 21:57:39
A few of those are used by Awesomemod as it is. Adult-to-teen romantic interactions can be turned on by Awesomemod, but the adult will get the trait Pedophile and the teen Pedobait if you make them interact in such a fashion, and I think after that both sims will do such things autonomously. (You may need one of the Autonomous Romance type mods to get them to do so.) Registered Sex Offender is applied to the adult if they are caught and arrested.

The rest, as far as I know, are Pescado's, and they're used in his game. Most of them are part of his private set of mods and are used in Awesomeland, where he does stuff to various forumgoers' self-sims according to their shticks. Brynne pees herself, Rohina has an ugly butt, Aggie is the smackable punbot, Lorelei is tealdeer, and so on. I don't think any of them would do anything if you didn't have Pescado's private suite of mods, so I don't think being able to apply them in CAS would do you any good. Making it easy to make sims Incontinent is meaningless if you don't have the mod that forces Incontinent sims to pee themselves at random, after all.

Title: Re: Awesomemod's hidden traits
Post by: Claeric on 2010 June 28, 22:05:21
These traits (the functional ones) do work without having any "special suite" of mods. Tealdeer will make sims fall asleep, incontinent sims pee all the time, etc. A few of them aren't complete, and don't do anything, though (like blind).

Title: Re: Awesomemod's hidden traits
Post by: airilina on 2010 June 28, 22:05:42
Last time I used some of these hidden traits Incontinent and Narcolepsy both worked.  Uglybutt and Smackable didn't seem to do anything.  I gave one sim the Tealdeer trait, but didn't follow her around long enough to see if it worked.

I don't use teen-adult romance mods so cannot confirm the pedophile/bait/sex offender traits, although I've seen enough pedobears rant about it on the forum in the past year.  So they must work.

Title: Re: Awesomemod's hidden traits
Post by: spaceface on 2010 June 28, 22:10:09
Leave the hidden traits alone, they are not for the likes of you.

Title: Re: Awesomemod's hidden traits
Post by: Sita on 2014 November 23, 23:43:47
yes, big bad Necromancy dude. I KNOW.

Risking his displeasure to ask whether there are any intentions or hopes to implement some of the traits that apparently have no function so far - particularly blindness, TL:DR, Uglybutt, Smackable...

Title: Re: Awesomemod's hidden traits
Post by: J. M. Pescado on 2014 November 24, 15:11:36
I am probably going to cut the ones that don't have a functional purpose within the AwesomeMod Core and move them to my private library, since they won't work in your game. On the other hand, I have a few ones that were created once I developed the private library that could be made to work in the main core.