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Title: Second Emprie 2-tile windows, WTH?
Post by: punkface on 2009 November 09, 16:15:53
I have searched FAR and WIDE for a solution to this problem, and I was told the geniuses here could help me. Obi Wan Kenobi, you ARE my only hope.

*ahem* Anyway....while playing Mansion & Garden stuff one day, I noticed that when you put the Second Empire 2-tile windows in the correct way(i.e., the decorative frame on the outside of the house), they do not let light in. However, when you flip them around and put that frame on the inside (which makes no sense, but doesn't really matter much anyway unless you play with the walls up all the time) they work fine.
Stupid EAxis.
So I was wondering/hoping/praying that someone was skilled enough to fix it, because I have no idea how. I become an LOLcat when I try to mod things (I no can haz gud windowz, EAxis?) so I was hoping someone had the answer ready, or knew where I could find it.

Here's any specs and/or random info you might need:
I have the following EPs and SPs:
Base Game
Open for Business
Bon Voyage
Apartment Life
Free Time
The Sims 2 Store Edition
Family Fun Stuff
Celebration Stuff
Ikea Stuff
Teen Style Stuff
Mansion & Garden Stuff

and I have installed all of the patches for each game. None of the "Complete List of Fixes" included this problem, and EAxis doesn't yet have a patch for Mansion & Garden on their website.

Title: Re: Second Emprie 2-tile windows, WTH?
Post by: sleep on 2009 November 10, 06:00:32
This is a fix for the round windows of the same set:

Apparently they are borken too. Don't know if there is a fix for the 2-tile version.