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Title: The NRaas InventorySaver
Post by: twallan on 2009 August 18, 03:21:30
This one is for those of you out there that DON'T use AwesomeMod.  It was requested by a user over at Simbology.


This mod disables the EAxian Inventory Purge operation that normally occurred every night at 3 am, which deletes all inactive sim's inventories and cleans out all inactive fridges.

In place of this operation, a less obnoxious operation is performed that cleans inactive lots and removes spoiled food from the fridge.  Nothing else is deleted.

Upon loading and unpausing the game, the mod will display a wake up message informing you that it is operating.

There is an additional interaction added to all computers, showing the version of the mod.


In order to run this mod, you must have the modding Framework installed on your system.

Google: Delphy's Framework Install Monkey


Ensure that you backup any save files prior to installation of this mod.  Even though the mod is very simple, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

DO NOT run with AwesomeMod.  This mod will disable itself if an Awesome installation is detected, and you will receive a warning message to that effect on loadup.


Updated: Version 2

  • Changes the "Awesome is installed" prompt into a simple warning message, and allows the mod to override Awesome's functionality.  Be aware of this change.
  • Changes the default EA functionality for handling books on the floor.  Books are now re-added to a bookshelf, rather than outright deleted.

Have Fun. :)

Title: Re: The NRaas InventorySaver
Post by: bluegenjutsu on 2009 August 18, 04:32:26
Thank you for making and sharing this one, too. I just love all the things you've been releasing.  :)

Title: Re: The NRaas InventorySaver
Post by: edalbformat on 2009 August 19, 11:36:35
Does it work together with AM? It seems to me that AM is no more cleaning bad food out of my fridges. I have to command a sim to do it almost everyday (I play each house for maximum 1 hour and then change household).