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Title: BHAV help?
Post by: HugeLunatic on 2009 May 08, 14:00:27
I have a set of modular stairs that I am making open underneath and I would like sims and objects to be allowed underneath the first support.  I have added in this package, and others, the CT - Support BHAV as listed by LordDarcy.  But this doesn't work with stages.  If I have the modular stairs land on a stage (to create L shaped stairs) the stage somehow nullifies the CT - Support BHAV, or changes what it thinks the bridge is.  So I added an additional BHAV, which I thought was pointing to the middle (bridge) to allow for sim/object intersection.  This BHAV is the same as what I have added to objects to allow sim/object intersection and it works.  But it does not work for my stairs.

Would anyone who understands BHAVs more than me, which is everyone  :P , help me to understand this?  here (

Title: Re: BHAV help?
Post by: J. M. Pescado on 2009 May 09, 03:40:57
I do not think this works with modular stairs. I certainly have never seen it. If you want to stick an object in an usual place the game doesn't want to allow, just use move_objects and see if it works.

Title: Re: BHAV help?
Post by: Lord Darcy on 2009 May 09, 06:26:36
I didn't know that "CT - Support" BHAV doesn't work with stages. Perhaps you can look into Reyn's two modular stairs ( They seem to work with stages.  In fact, Sims think as if there is nothing blocking their way. They even pass through the bottom step tile, just like when footprint is completely removed from an object. Reyn credited Numenor for the tweaks on her modular stairs.

Title: Re: BHAV help?
Post by: HugeLunatic on 2009 May 09, 22:59:09
Damn.  Was really hoping one of you knew.

I just figured it out with the CT - Support when I added that line to my stairs and tried it with the stages.  So I had to go through the stairs I do have and I found that Reyn's work.  So when I looked at her package I noticed the BHAV for allowing sim/object intersection.  Made sense in theory, execution is a whole other matter. 

ETA:  I got the information I was missing from Numenor.  I was missing the link from the OBJF init to my new BHAV.