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Title: Store edition and missing objects
Post by: mistyk on 2009 April 23, 20:58:43
I am having issues with the store stuff since installing that stupid store edition. Everything just disappeared.
I have been able to get most of it to show up again, except, the cubic and deco dining chairs, and most of the Asian fusion set.
The bed, dressers, end tables, tv and 2 of the lamps from asian fusion show up but not the rest of the stuff.
I have reloaded all the items with my files, and then I went through the threads here and got the files that others had linked to try those and still can not get these to work.
I even bought the 2 dining chairs over again, and they still don't show up.
Can anyone suggest what else I should try?

I have all EP's/Sp's and the store edition installed.

Title: Re: Store edition and missing objects
Post by: Marhis on 2009 April 23, 23:31:03
You have two options:

1) Deinstall the store edition, bzorch secuROM, shred the old object files, redownload the fixed store edition objects from here.

2) Complain with EA and ask for your money back because their product is defective.

I would  suggest opt. #1, but it's up to you ;).

Title: Re: Store edition and missing objects
Post by: mistyk on 2009 April 23, 23:51:23
Thanks, I already tried uninstalling the store edition, but then my saved game, neighborhoods and all disappeared. It was an empty game not even the pre-made hoods and when I tried to load my backed up game it would not work. So I had to reinstall the store edition just to get my game back.

I guess I will just keep trying different files and hopefully they will work eventually like the other sets did.

edit: after trying  ton of different files again, I found the solution, I deleted the store edition folder from the c:/documents/ea games folder and then everything showed up again.

Title: Re: Store edition and missing objects
Post by: jolrei on 2009 April 24, 13:30:54
You have made the right decision.  Pass.  Make sure you bzorch secuROM to ensure you don't have future problems.

I believe in Marhis' post, option 2 was really just presented as a joke.  It's like a fake or novelty switch.  You can flip it, but it doesn't really accomplish anything.  Well, it accomplishes making the rest of MATY laugh at you.  Okay, it's more like a badly labelled switch.  You flip it and the result is entirely different than what you hoped.

Title: Re: Store edition and missing objects
Post by: FourCats on 2009 April 27, 09:48:44
I have all the expansion packs and stuff packs so that isn't an issue, but I do have a store stuff question.  All the store stuff items that I found were through useful links provided by the good people on this site.  I was having some weirdness in my game, and had noticed that it was recommended several times in various places to use Hack Conflict Utility.  I ran that program and it found possible conflicts with much of my store stuff items.  I know the store stuff items haven't caused my weirdness, because that was going on from before.  But would the store stuff items cause a conflict? or is this a false positive on the scan?

Title: Re: Store edition and missing objects
Post by: Lord Darcy on 2009 April 27, 11:17:44
Store objects have their own group, so HCDU thinks they are global hacks. You can safely ignore them.