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Title: Default Replacement Face Templates.
Post by: spookymuffin on 2008 November 27, 14:43:19
Default replacement faces for all ages. I've left faces 1, 2 and 8 because I like them but I've completely replaced all of the others.

These will not change the appearance of existing townies and NPCs; only newly generated ones.

The first two pictures show some of the faces with different skintones so you can get a better idea of what they might look like in your own game.

( (

The rest of the defaults can be seen below; all wearing Enayla's skins. ( ( ( ( (

These go in your downloads folder. Each face is clearly marked so you can remove any single face that you don't like and keep the rest, or maybe mix and match between other people's sets and this one.

Special thanks go to kamikitten at MTS2 who let me use her Emily (http://"") sim as a base for face 20cind. And if it wasn't for AllenABQ's templates (http://"") on MTS2 this probably would have taken twice as long!

For some reason I can't get the entire file to upload without something getting corrupted and I've tried different hosts with the same result. So, please download the main file and then download the 19ccel template separately.

Download (

Download 19ccel: (

Title: Re: Default Replacement Face Templates.
Post by: Jaedle on 2008 November 29, 09:34:54
Your templates are really nice. I have tried just about all the sets out there. These look really good with a variety of skins and some of them don't work that well if the skins aren't Maxis-like enough.

Title: Re: Default Replacement Face Templates.
Post by: brownlustgirl on 2008 December 24, 18:49:33
I have thanked you for sharing this at InSim, but since having these templates when I installed AL, I have to tell you how much I appreciate them. I don't have any ugly AL townies, some are very gorgeous. I even made some playable cause they are so pretty. Thanks again for allowing me to have these templates in my game.

Title: Re: Default Replacement Face Templates.
Post by: jolrei on 2008 December 24, 20:16:59
These are very nice, Spooky.  At the same time, I really hate the way lips work, especially for male sims.  Hard to get something that doesn't look like they're mainly lipless.  ;D