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Title: Den~of~Iniquity
Post by: SickPuppy on 2008 October 25, 03:23:31
This is a home I built 3 or 4 years ago.

It features an indoor curved bridge over a stream, an indoor sunken swimming pool and an unusual dyke (no, not a romance sim). I also designed a set of tinted transparent floors for it and a leopard spot grating, as well as some opaque flooring and walls...oh, and a counter set embossed w/ hemp leaves.

I wont include any interior needs to be taken in 3D. Here's a couple exterior shots:



There are no hacks in this lot. There are 3 custom contents that aren't mine:

The Wall/Window Glass set by Numenor (

A little shop of horrors cowplant, made by  mickyss (

And a parasol that came from Sims 2 Sisters, the site is listed at the Sims 2 Graveyard. I did find a forum of theirs. (

All other content is mine or EAxis. Any content attributed to PoisonFrog is's another pseudonym I use.
The University EP is required.

3x5 lot

Download: (

or (