Hard Luck Sims

The Green's - real hard luck sims

The Green family was part of the Matyville project and had a substantial backstory - a hard-luck backstory in fact. To play the scenario as intended install the sims using the instructions below. Update 30 August to fix aging problem.

The Green family and their lots:

Download the Green's and their 3 lots.
Download Foster Court.
Download Area 101

The Green's story

Here are a few pics from the Green's story. Chapters 1-6 of the backstory on my simpage

The Greens are a growing family with problems. First problem is that they don't fit in the house! Granny (Ellen) doesn't actually live there. Move her back to her own house, preferably without making her 20k richer in the process. Phil doesn't live there either at the moment - move him to the lot provided or another lot of your choice. The army have sent him away from home. There seems to be a problem with the Greens not aging properly - I'll update asap

Foster Court has one adult, 5 teens and a child in an institution type building. This is a place for the local authority to put teens in trouble and children who need care, but cannot be adopted. They will live together as a family under the supervision of a responsible adult.

Area 101 has seven boot camp recruits who need licking into shape by a determined commander. Their previous commander is now in an urn. Made in OFB, so probably requires OFB or above.

The Green and Foster Court lots were made with The Sims 2 base game only. Empty lots should be edited in buy/build mode before you put sims in them. The sims have been played, but the files have been edited very carefully. All files are maxis only content.

What's next?

You download the lots and play the families... I have more pics from my game, but the story isn't finished.

You can either set it up where my story ended using the instructions below or if this is all too hard, download and play it your way! I played the foster home without Cheryl and had a lot of fun. The Foster Court stories are also on my simpage. These files are as clean as I know how to make them and won't add junk to your game files unlike most other downloadable lots with played sims.

How to set the story up as I intended:

(This is in the readme.txt file in the Green's RAR file)

  1. Download the Green, Foster Court and Area 101 rar files. There is no custom content.
  2. Install all five lots and place them in the same neighbourhood.
  3. Open up the Green's house. There are 9 sims on the lot - I cheated to get them all there. The point of doing that was to keep their relationships intact for you.
  4. Move Phil out (he's supposed to be away with the army and not living at home)
  5. Move Ellen out (she never lived on this lot)
  6. Move Belinda out (she's away temporarily)
  7. Save and leave the lot.
  8. Move Ellen into Granny Green's cottage. - Save and leave the lot
  9. Move Belinda into the Camphouse - Save and leave the lot
  10. Move Phil into Area 101! - Merge households from the neighbourhood screen. (If you only have base game use Inge's teleporter shrub or the tombstone of life and death (as in step 17-23 below)
  11. Go back to the Green's lot.
  12. Play the lot like the story. Have Cheryl stay home from school with the babies.
  13. Have her invite granny over at lunch time to babysit so Cheryl can go to work.
  14. Send Cheryl go to work and watch the story unfold.
  15. When Cheryl is all on her own, save and leave the lot
  16. Go to the Foster Court lot.
  17. Open the cheat window Ctrl Shft C
  18. Type boolprop testingcheatsenabled true in the cheat window
  19. Shift click on any of the sims and choose spawn, then tombstone of life and death. (use Inge's teleporter shrub instead if you have it)
  20. Click on the tombstone and choose add neighbour to family. Scroll through until you find Cheryl Green and choose her.
  21. Cheryl appears by the tombstone and has now moved into the Foster home with no money or belongings.
  22. Delete the tombstone
  23. Open the cheat window and type boolprop testingcheatsenabled false
  24. Save and leave the lot.
  25. Now try and get the family back together somehow!


Thanks to Simmiecal for inspiring me to make the Green family and write their stories for the now defunct MATYville. Thanks to Quaxi and Numenor - without SimPE cleaning up the files wouldn't have been possible. Thank you also to all the guys at MATY who've been patient when I asked stupid questions about how to clean 'hood files especially Pescado who found more things to clean up!


I'd welcome feedback. You can sign my guestbook, or PM me at MATY or MTS2 with comments or requests..


last update 30 August to fix the aging problem for the greens and add a dividing wall to the bathroom in Foster Court